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Supercheap Storage


  • Low to 75 RMB per cubic meter every month.
  • 180 yuan per car (about 4 cubic meters).
  • Free transport from upstairs to downstairs.
  • Charge according to the actual space.
  • We only charge for the week if you want to move out early.
  • We do not charge any deposit.
  • No tolls, no parking fee.

If you are not in BeiJing now due to COVID-19,We also can help you to store in our warehouse.


How We Works


We bring boxes to you.


We will load your packed boxes and larger items.


We will load your items into your own secure container at our facility. .

Storage Services


PACKING: You arrange to pack your own goods and we will come to collect them.

TRANSPORT: Our team comes around with the truck to take your storage to our warehouse.

MINI STORAGE: At the storage facility your goods are loaded into your mini storage module and stored safely.

With our Standard Service, you pack and we cover the transportation.
You pack your goods and we manage a team of movers to pick it up and take it to the warehouse where it is stored in your private secure module under 24/7 surveillance.


PACKING: Our team comes around with the truck and they bring packing material and boxes to do all the packaging for you.
TRANSPORT: Our team loads your storage and transports it to our secure warehouse.
MINI STORAGE: At the storage facility your goods are loaded in your private mini storage module and stored safely.

With our Premium Service, you get:
Two expert movers and their travel time.
Our team comes to your location to pack and remove the storage for you.
Loading all of your items safely into the truck, using protective padding to secure the items in place, which keeps them safe when being transported to our facility.
At our secured warehouse , your goods are loaded into the mini storage module and locked, then it is stored weatherproof and monitored by our 24/7 surveillance system.

Access your stuff when you need it

Whenever you need anything from your container just give us a call. For no extra charge you can grab what you need from your container at our warehouse then we will put the container back away when you’re finished.


Store your baby bed and furniture
Store stock for a small business
Store baggage while you travel
Save money
Renovate your house
Move to overseas
Move house
Look after a parent’s things
If you want to
Have a collection of Art
Get married and move in together
Declutter your home
Collect wine
Cheaper than storing down town

Then call us because we offer
Simple to use
Safe with 24-hour security
Personal lockable MiniBox
Only pay for what you store
No underground storage (no flooding, no mildew)
No fixed size room rental rates
No fixed contract terms
Locations provide inexpensive down town storage rates
International company
Convenient transport pick-up and delivery
Convenient locations near freeways
Competitive prices
A-grade warehouse facilities above ground

You name it, we store it
Winter Jackets and Boots
Wife’s shoe collection high shose
We store with care your
Snow Skiis
Pet gold fish (not really)
Outdoor summer furniture
Office Furniture
Office files and documents
Kitchen items
Husbands tool-kit
Children’s toys

About Us (Supercheap Storage)

Supercheap Storage was founded in 2013, after seven years of development, we have provided warehouse services for thousands of customers. So we have rich storage experience, to provide better service for customers.

Supercheap Storage Beijing offers storage solutions for any volume and need. Our goal is to provide you with a hassle-free, portable and cost effective storage solution.

Super Cheap Storage provides a tailored customer-focused service to suit your unique storage needs. It is very important for us to understand what you are storing and why you are storing it.
After contacting us, we will come to your home or office to measure up the items to be stored and give a quote, according to the volume and storage time. Our experienced and professional team will then help package your items and deliver them to your secure storage unit at our security-monitored Beijing warehouse. Alternatively, you can package your items yourself and our team will organize the collection and delivery to the warehouse.

We are proud to provide you with the best service and cheapest storage you’ll find.

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Contact Us


Supercheap Storage Beijing, China

Company Director:Kris Ryan

Business Development Manager:Yvonne Fang


Phone:4000919508    8610 6416 8413

Fax: 8610 6416 8413

Office Hours: 9:00am – 6:00pm Mon – Fri

Moving Hours: Every day – Please contact us to arrange a time that suits you.

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