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Mini Storage丨Self Storage丨Beijing Storage-Supercheap Storage


Supercheap Storage Beijing offers storage solutions for any volume and need. Our goal is to provide you with a hassle-free, portable and cost effective storage solution.

Super Cheap Storage provides a tailored customer-focused service to suit your unique storage needs. It is very important for us to understand what you are storing and why you are storing it.

After contacting us, we will come to your home or office to measure up the items to be stored and give a quote, according to the volume and storage time. Our experienced and professional team will then help package your items and deliver them to your secure storage unit at our security-monitored Beijing warehouse. Alternatively, you can package your items yourself and our team will organize the collection and delivery to the warehouse.

Super Cheap Storage is founded on providing super convenient, easy, reliable and quality service to you. You only pay for the volume of space that you need at the most competitive monthly storage rates.

All you have to decide is your storage term according to your long/short term storage needs. We will store your goods from one month up to 50 years! Our monthly storage rates are very competitive, with incentives for longer storage periods. We are proud to provide you with the best service and cheapest storage you’ll find.

Which Supercheap Storage Service works best for you?

We consider what you want to determine our storage pricing.

  • How much do you need to store? And what is their total volume (we can calculate it for you), which will determine the next item…
  • Which size portable module do you need? The 7 cubic meter Mini-Mod or the 10 cubic meter Maxi-Mod? And do you require more than one?
  • How long will you be storing with us? It’s good to know that the longer you commit, the lower your monthly rate will be. And our monthly rates are already very competitive.
  • Do you require any packing materials, and, if so, which ones, in what quantities?

Storage Services



PACKING: You arrange for packing of your own goods and collect them close to the road.
TRANSPORT: Our team comes around with the truck to load your storage and transports it to our secure warehouse.
MINI STORAGE: At the storage facility your goods are loaded in your mini storage module and stored safely.


PACKING: Our team comes around with the truck and they bring packing material and boxes to do all the packaging for you.
TRANSPORT: Our team load your storage and transports it to our secure warehouse.
MINI STORAGE: At the storage facility your goods are loaded in your private mini storage module and stored safely.

With our Standard Service, you pack and we cover the transportation.

You pack your goods and we manage a team of movers to pick it up and take it to the warehouse where it is stored in your private secure module under 24/7 surveillance.

With our Premium Service, you get:

  • Two expert movers and their travel time.
  • Our team comes to your location to pack and remove the storage for you.
  • Loading all of your items safely into the truck, using protective padding to secure the items in place, which keeps them safe when being transported to our facility.
  • At our secured warehouse , your goods are loaded into the mini storage module and locked, then it is stored weatherproof and monitored by our 24/7 surveillance system.

In fact, about all you really need to do is call us, tell us what and when you need to store it, and we’ll take it from there.

The Cheapest Mini Storage in Beijing.

Unsure of how much space you need? Try our Storage Volume Calculator!

The maxi mod is more than 10 cubic meters, and you’d be surprised how much you can store in it.

Storage Prices Beijing

There are actually many aspects that will be factored in ahead of a quotation can be supplied for the purpose of a self storage area.

For example of what duration of information you could discuss: If you would like to enjoy alot more price savings, try to see your diary of relocating or just cleaning space. We could tell you of which days of the season are the days where leasing our a self storage area can be remarkably cheaper.

The amount of time to rent is obviously another point to consider. Long-term lease would probably invariably add up to reduced rates. You might sometimes reduce it all further in a case where advance settlement is made. In case you decide, nonetheless, to pre-terminate the contract, give us more than sufficient notification of just one month and we’ll return any paid rent payments at no extra cost.

Our promotions are all on the web site, however if you give us a phone call and consequently share with our company information regarding what you want, we may have the capacity to provide you additional special discounts with no obligations and / or extra cost.

We now have a couple of professional services, the regular service when you carry out some of labor, and then the high quality service plan when our team take control of all of the details.

We once in a while may have clientele who actually believe that they have to have space for storing, when in reality they really don’t. Here at Supercheap Storage Beijing, we assist you to recognize if your should get one, and whether it’s worth the price payable over a duration of time. That’s the reason, we get to recognise your requirements and actually develop a plan ideal for everyone.

By talking with our company, we enable you to appraise the worth of your items and of course if you really want them after your time period. In that way, we see out whether it is really worth keeping these items or maybe just donating these and buying brand new ones, subsequently, not necessarily in need of any self storage place. As much as we would love to have your online business, but if we realise you’re going to be just about to waste your money on something that you don’t require, we shall make it known. By doing this we gain your trust, and therefore with any luck , you will entrust our service with all your needs the next time our company talk to you.

Self storage is ideal for useful and irreplaceable products which you would like to always keep free from harm and also signify something to you at a special level.

Supercheap Storage Beijing signifies extremely inexpensive costs. However that doesn’t give us any freedom to be able to compromise the grade of customer service we supply. With the low-cost prices, our company give the best facilities.


Self Storage Solutions for You!

SuperCheap Storage has you in mind – your storage and your convenience, your

storage service. 

Confused about where to start looking and how to go about comparing your storage options? Well look no further! SuperCheap Storage has a reputation for being the best, most cost-effective, secure and stress free service providers to take care of all your storage and transportation needs!

SuperCheap Storage promises that we will treat your items like our own and ensure that we’ve found the best storage solution for your requirements.

Our promise consists of us finding out about you and customising a plan just for you based on what YOU want! Your budget, your time schedule, who is going to do the packing and heavy lifting, how much packing material and boxes, right down to giving you tried and tested advice if you want to handle the planning yourself.

Founded in Australia, SuperCheap’s headquarters and main storage centre is in Sydney, but we have also expanded into Adelaide, Brisbane, the Gold Coast Melbourne and most recently, Beijing!

So let’s make good the SuperCheap Storage promises – let’s put the ball in your court and let you call the shots.

First things first, how do you know how long you need a storage unit? For a month or two until things get settled at the new home or office? Or maybe something on a long term for some investment pieces like 10 years or so? Whatever the time frame, we’ve got something that will fit your needs, and rest assured, that we’ll be right where you left us should you need to come looking.

If you’re not sure, don’t worry about that either! We’ve also got plenty of options for you to extend your tenure and rental with us. As long as you pick a longer term, we’re even able to throw in better discounts and rates for you! What if you’ve found somewhere better (although we doubt it!) or because you need to cut the time short due to an unforeseen circumstance? You’ll even get your money back on the time that you’re not using just as a good will from us to wish you the best wherever you may go. Just drop us a ring with ample notice for us to settle the administration and legalities.

At the end of the day, we want to make the experience of moving and storing your items as seamless as possible for you. No pressure and no stress. You’ll definitely be happy with how we are striving to make this a great experience for you, however long you may choose to put your items in our care.

So are you REALLY SuperCheap?Yes we are and proud of it!

 We can attest that we are the lowest prices on the market for taking care of your items in storage by far – our estimates are we have a margin up to 50% savings off of our competitors. We fix our rates so that your costs are low, and we are even eager to provide advice that helps you to define exactly what you really need from our services. Our fixed rate pricing keeps your costs very low, and you pay for only the storage you really need. We are DEFINITELY Super Cheap and we’ll be sure to stay that way!

Now let’s look at how SuperCheap gets an ultralow price for you. We’ll break down how we calculate your storage solution package and price.

  • How many items are there? If you need help, we can help measure and calculate the total volume for you.
  • How long will you need storage for? We offer more competitive rates for longer rental periods.
  • Can we help with packing or packing materials and boxes? How much do you need?

We’ll help you go through each of the above points and get a quote to you immediately when you’ve called!


Contact Us

Supercheap Storage Beijing, China

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Kris Ryan

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Yvonne Fang

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Office Hours: 9:00am – 6:00pm Mon – Fri

Moving Hours: Every day – Please contact us to arrange a time that suits you.

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