Supercheap Storage

Supercheap Storage

Supercheap Storage

Our company has moved storage solutions into the 21st Century.

Here’s how we did it.

When we set out to create Supercheap Storage, the last thing we wanted to be was like everyone else. Having spent years in the business working for other companies, we knew that what storage customers most wanted was what no one was offering: a combination of simplicity, security, convenience, and low cost.

Not surprisingly, those are precisely the benefits Supercheap Storage now gives you.

With our Advanced Portable Storage Units, the old ways of storing goods are packed away for good.

To make storage as easy and as economical as possible for you, Supercheap Storage created our Advanced Portable Modular Storage System that delivers a secure storage module right to your door.

But there are more reasons why it’s unlike any other portable system around. First of all, because we offer two different module sizes, you pay for only what you actually need and use — which of course makes sense, but we were the first to offer it. And we also offer it at a fixed price, so you know what your costs will be even before a single item is loaded into the module.

And besides the great value this system gives you, we also provide — in our popular Premium Service — everything you need, including the benefit of your not having to do anything yourself. That’s because our Premium Service fixed price gives you two Supercheap Storage moving experts and their traveling time and loading with special equipment to assure the safety of your goods, extra padding to secure your items during transit — a free benefit from us that all other companies charge for — and transit of your module directly to our safe, secure, weatherproof warehouse facility.

Contain yourself! You’ll love how our Portable Modules are built, how efficiently they’re sized, and how low their fixed price is.

To us, a module is more that just a container to hold items. It’s also the home of your items when they’re not in your own home or office. So we make sure that their home keeps them safe and secure.

First of all, our modules are constructed of rigid, durable plywood, which ensures that the walls breathe, allowing moisture to escape and preventing mildew from developing. And we also offer two sizes of modules — a 7 cubic meter Mini-Mod size and an 10 cubic meter Maxi-Mod size. This means we can recommend the right size for your precise storage needs. In short, you don’t have to pay for storage space you don’t need.

Another way we protect your goods — and your wallet — is by providing protective padding at no extra cost. This free service — which all other companies charge for or don’t even offer — keeps your items safe during the trip to our warehouse, then back to you.

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